Master of Science - Applied Mathematics

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, CA

Bachelor of Science - Physics and Mathematics

Eastern Nazarene College

Quincy, MA


Computer Science: Logic Synthesis, Type Theory, Analytic Combinatorics, Graph Algorithms, Algorithm Design & Analysis.

Programming Languages: Haskell, Agda, C, C++, Objective-C MATLAB, Java

Mathematics: Wavelet Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Functional Analysis, Group Theory, Numerical Analysis.

Hardware: FPGA, VHDL, Verilog.


2015 - Present

2011 - 2015

Feb. 2014 - Aug. 2014

Summer 2007


Senior Design Engineer

Altera Virtualization Labs

Working on developing software abstractions, IP blocks, and new programming models to enable FPGA based acceleration in a virtualized environment.

Senior Design Engineer

Altera Corporation

I have developed a great number of features and new tools for Altera's EDA tool suite

  • Periphery place and route for Altera's first SoC FPGA device
  • Innovative model based HDL generation techniques
  • Complex algorithms for enabling significant application improvement

Founding Engineer handles all sensor data with one line of code. ​We provide a modular pipeline ​that​ processes data into a standardized format​ ​for easy storage, transferring, and querying - both locally and in the cloud​.​

  • Invented core ideas for iOS signal-processing pipeline that enabled rapid development of applications using onboard and external sensor attached to iPhone devices.
  • Constructed a unique system of chainable computations that were accessible from Objective C user code.
  • Built filtering and transform modules which were accessible to developers to use with just a few lines of code.
  • Invented complex concurrent data structures in Objective-C;
  • Solved and debugged numerous concurrency and multi-threading issues.

REU Research Fellow

Indiana University

  • Simulated the behavior of two-dimensional "quantum wires" and waveguides.
  • Gained Skills in programming with MATLAB and utilizing numerical methods in solving differential equations.

REU Research Fellow

Harvard University

  • Fabricated and analyzed superconducting Aluminum nanowires formed via electron-beam lithography.
  • Studied the effects of Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in one-dimensional superconductors.
  • Developed skills in the use of laboratory methods, clean room procedures, cryogenics, high vacuum equipment, electrical engineering, and programming in Labview.